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Memories of typing in computer hex code from magazines

testing the posting of an instagram link to share a creation: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CF9AawAAPna/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Teleport to positions on set by pressing number/alpha keys

When I set up my shots in Flipside, I find that I jump between placing the camera, then teleporting back to see how my character looks in shot. It would be cool and super time saving, if we could place markers on the set with maybe virtual flags (or s…


It was the best of times it was the worst of times

Then there was.... THIS! Dun, dunnnnnn DUUUUNNN!!!!!


Testing if this plops into Feature Requests

When I did my other posts, I thought it said Feature requests as the category but then found them in Announcements. Just testing where this one goes. This one currently says it will post in Feature Requests. here goes..


I'd like to announce this is great

Lol. Looking forward to seeing some other testers in here. Trust me I'll be making it worth your while.


Anime category for characters

Don't call them cartoons. Lol.


Create a prop in a Flipside set

16 minutes of your life isn't too much to invest in your Flipside Unity skills now is it?


Synty SciFi Facility set

This has developed into an interesting experience. Just a couple more tweaks and it should be ready. Fairly chuffed about this one.


Yeah, set updates not working either

Same as the characters. You basically have to delete every reference to the original set and share the set over again with a different name.


test post after clicking link

test test


post from mobile test

testing this as an original post. ie not a reply to a post.


Updates not working

So I created a character ( Cowgirl Willow ) intentionally needing an update ( Daz butt issues ). She uploaded and installed just fine. I added some extra thumbnails (great idea btw) and that worked fine. I then went into Flipside and she wasn't changed…


Puppet not working?

I rarely use the little guy but right now he just sits there in my hand.


Vroid Studio to Flipside

For you Anime lovers Vroid studio is a great way to create or use Anime characters in Flipside. The import is easy with the right tools so have a look and give Vroid a try! FWIW the characters in this video were imported this way.


Importing Mixamo characters

This was done for another user so excuse the specific chat but the info is there.


Tutorial on importing Daz3D sets

This is more of a test for posting than anything...


I would suggest....

Adding a 'Feature Requests' category for the forum. Adding an 'Experience' category to the set section. Perhaps adding generalized descriptions of what the categories represent? 'Experience' might not mean much - then again you can just read the se…


I dunno if it's possible but...

One of the killer features of the Discord chat is the ability to drop images in the discussion to illustrate issues and such. That doesn't seem to be possible here? It would be valuable if that's at all possible.


Woot! Great to see this happening!

So happy to have this Community site become available for Flipside users. Congrats to Lux and the Flipside team for all their hard work to bring it to fruition.


Test site only I assume

I'm just pounding out posts here but I'm assuming there are no guarantees that anything shared here will necessarily continue to exist past the initial testing phase? I won't drop too much stuff early on if that is the case.

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