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Why is my content disappearing?


I had intended to delete my characters and sets on June 1st because I thought anyone currently using them would lose access to the asset. However, it appears that if you have installed the asset you will still have access to it.

That takes a load off my mind.

However, it also means that people without the assets can simply install them and have continued use in the future. That is somewhat counter to my goals of pulling the content for new users.

So, it seems there is no real harm in deleting assets sooner than June and indeed some harm to me in leaving them there.

I doubt that any actual users will view this but it's more for the record and to explain my logic. Once again I wish Flipside all the success they deserve and I will be around if anyone wants help with custom sets or characters for their personal use.

Thanks Cybermynd for explaining your intentions and for the kind wishes on our progress and growth. I’m sure others will appreciate your openness to help out other community members with custom sets and characters.

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