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Welcome Ellie to the Flipside Community


Please give a warm welcome to Ellie, who will be joining us to help support our community. She will share news and updates and learn more about what our community is doing. If you have a show, an animated short, or a live performance using Flipside Studio, let her know. We can amplify and share it through our other social channels. Ellie is also in touch with our dev team and will bring team members into the conversation if she can’t respond to a question or comment.

We’ve been working with Ellie for quite some time and we’re excited to have her join our Flipside community. Check out her profile and give it up for Ellie!

Photo of Ellie

Welcome to the Flipside (Community)! :)

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Thrilled to be here!

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I hope your enthusiasm will entice many others to participate in this unfortunately neglected site.

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