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Pulling content on June 1


With Flipside's move away from the consumer space ( wishing them success ) I will be removing all of my shared content from this site as of June 1st.

It's been a great ride and Flipside is a good product that deserves success but it's apparently not in the consumer space.

Not sure if it was clear in the announcement but nothing has changed or been removed from the free version. We're still free on Oculus and SteamVR with 100% of our existing features as well as these new features:

  • Rewritten movement retargeting (no more funny VR elbows)
  • Stand-ins
  • Valve Index hand tracking
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Microphone settings
  • More language in the teleprompter
  • Animated faces on props
  • More facial expression options
  • One-click publishing of characters and sets from Unity

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That's all wonderful but it's been obvious for a while that there is very little engagement with the user base. Whether that's simply joining in the conversation on Discord or implementing bug fixes and features requested by the people who use Flipside. I expect there is a corporate market for Flipside and I hope it does very well in that space. However I cannot see a future for it in the consumer market. I wish there was and it isn't Flipside's fault that there simply is not - at least not at a reasonable level. I've enjoyed helping people and spent thousands on assets to try to help Flipside be a success but it really isn't a consumer driven product - nor should one reasonably expect it to be. With Flipside the future is always around the corner. Maybe we ask too much but the response has unfortunately been too little.

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