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Can't import scripts from Unity


Hello, can anybody help, with scripts?

  1. How to set up interactions with location objects? For example opening / closing a door or turning a switch? Flipside components like PropElement do not perform these functions.

  2. How works ButtonElement? What components must be on object for ButtonElement to work?

There is a toggle element that you can apply to create your own buttons or hotspots. It has more options than the prop element. You can use that as a proximity trigger on something like a door knob and then run the door opening animation.

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Sorry - you mentioned the ButtonElement. I forgot that even existed. Yes, you would normally add that component to an object in the scene.

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You may find this handy: https://www.flipsidexr.com/docs/2020.1/creator-tools/references/custom-components

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For doors with hinges, we don't have a single component for that but a PropElement on the knob combined with this may do the trick:

For switches, ButtonElement can make the buttons pressable and fire Unity events when the buttons are pressed, along with ToggleElement to manage their A/B or on/off states.

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