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Please fix the Game


All the polygon figures are gone, all the other characters like Pumpkin Jack, The Tyrant, Robert Kyle as a military, and so on. These are all figures who are no longer there. I can't really use the program anymore, which really makes me very sad all the polygon figures are now gone and all the other characters I used before. It's really bad.. I don't know what's going on. I sincerely hope you can solve the problem. Please help me.

We're in a transition between our old sharing system and this new community website. You should be able to find and install most of those characters here now:


Once the transition is complete (later this year), you'll be able to access all of the community site characters from inside the app too, but until then you'll need to click the install button on the page above to add them to your account, then you'll see them in the "My Characters" category.

Sorry for the confusion. It's a big change we're just not able to do all in one go with the size of our dev team.

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I can only thank you for the quick answer. And for your help. Yes, I tried to register there. To download the characters. But for some reason, this doesn't work. So I'm logged in to the community page. But if I want to download it, I'll be redirected to an Xr page of you, and I have to log in. And I can't because I don't have an account, and I can't create it with anyone because I've had the game for 45 hours. Maybe you can help me do that, too.

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Have you entered your email through the app yet? If you haven't registered yet, there should be a registration form on the desktop output (outside of VR) where you can enter your email. That will send you an email with a link to create your account.

If you've done that already, can you email me with the email you entered and/or your Oculus or Steam ID? You can email it to john at flipsidexr dot com. I should be able to see what's going on from there and get you logged in.

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I'm already logged in to the flipside community page, but if I want to download something from the characters from you, redirected to a login page where you have to log in, but I can't do that because I just didn't come to register yet on this page. Because it says to create an account, you have to download Flipside Studio, launch the app, and then it says: the first time it starts, you will be able to create an account

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Philipp, I hope you get this straightened out because I think you will find those and many other characters available on the community site. Hang in there and Flipside will help you sort it out.

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Thank you very much for these kind words. I also managed to log in there with the help of the team members and successfully download and use the characters. =~D

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