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Help connecting Axis Neuron to Flipside Studio


Hi, I am trying to use my Perception Neuron suit in Flipside Studio but I am getting some errors when trying to connect to Axis Neuron.

I can't seem to find any documentations / examples. I'd appreciate some help from the community :)

My setup:

Perception Neuron suit running from Axis Neuron software

Flipside Studio from Steam VR

Oculus Quest 2

Network setup:

Axis Neuron - Broadcasting BVH via UDP on - port 7002

Same settings inputted on Flipside studio

Many thanks for your help!



Hi Clem! Did you get your issue resolved in Discord? Let me know if you still have questions.

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Just attaching a screenshot of some of the convo on Discord that may help others who stumble onto this post looking for the same info.

Screenshot 2021-06-02 10.32.17

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