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Bug Reports

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Please fix the Game

All the polygon figures are gone, all the other characters like Pumpkin Jack, The Tyrant, Robert Kyle as a military, and so on. These are all figures who are no longer there. I can't really use the program anymore, which really makes me very sad all th…


Audio bugs and a In Camera Editing Mode idea. (Bug Report please help)

Dear Flipside team. There's a problem with the Audio After Recording. The following problem, because there is none in camera Editing Mode, Which would be really good by the way, and I'm really very quickly confused by the many camera settings. I Put o…


Time on post replies is wrong

I posted this at 10:35 am...


Something wrong with the sorting mechanism?

When sorting by 'most installed' - page 2 Page 3


Update indicator is simply not correct.

I have not touched most of these items. Maybe admins are touching my items? Stranger danger!


Sky ID numbers

There seems to be a disconnect between the sky numbers (not terribly obvious either) on the community site and the regular site.


Error after entering text and updating

I added a lot of text in the description and then went to update and got this. I wonder if a changelog text box is worth having just to avoid lumping everything into one text box? Anyway - I think this may just be a text overflow issue or something.


Kind suggestion for slight re-wording of "Attach photos..." sentence

Was wondering if it's possible to change the wording slightly of the "Attach photos" bar because I wasn't understanding that I could click on the bar/sentence itself to upload and image. :P original wording: "Attach photos or video files by dragging …


Testing placing an image

test 1: dragging in an animated gif gives this error in the console: forum.js?v=7:438 Uncaught TypeError: $.add_notice is not a function at dropzone_handle_files (forum.js?v=7:438) at HTMLDivElement.dropzone_handle_drop (forum.js?v=7:400) test 2:…



test post


Email notification of new posts, even when I’m the author.

Right after i post in the forum I get an email that says, “New reply to “____ ___” I don’t know if there is a way to filter on the backend that the user doesn’t necessarily need to be notified about his/her own post. (or i could be the only …


putting an emoji in your email and trying to post creates a “unknown errror” Error.

If there is a way to make the error reply for having an emoji specify that “emoji’s aren’t currently integrated into the forum” that would be cool. The current errors says, “An unknown error occurred, please try again later”. I was checki…


Bug Report: clicking edit on a post changes the category to Announcements

After I successfully posted to the Feature Requests section. I went back to edit my post. Once I clicked on Edit the category at the top changed to Announcements.


Yeah, set updates not working either

Same as the characters. You basically have to delete every reference to the original set and share the set over again with a different name.


Updates not working

So I created a character ( Cowgirl Willow ) intentionally needing an update ( Daz butt issues ). She uploaded and installed just fine. I added some extra thumbnails (great idea btw) and that worked fine. I then went into Flipside and she wasn't changed…


Puppet not working?

I rarely use the little guy but right now he just sits there in my hand.