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Help connecting Axis Neuron to Flipside Studio

Hi, I am trying to use my Perception Neuron suit in Flipside Studio but I am getting some errors when trying to connect to Axis Neuron. I can't seem to find any documentations / examples. I'd appreciate some help from the community :) My setup: Perc…


Does changing the name of a character break sharing?

I'm assuming they go by the ID number but I thought I would check before cleaning up some of the goofy character and set names.


Does removing a character from the OG personal site break sharing?

I'm getting a lot of dupes on my palette in-game. I'd like to clean up my personal list but want to make sure it won't affect the community site, I assume the bundles are copied over and will be unaffected?


I dunno if it's possible but...

One of the killer features of the Discord chat is the ability to drop images in the discussion to illustrate issues and such. That doesn't seem to be possible here? It would be valuable if that's at all possible.


Test site only I assume

I'm just pounding out posts here but I'm assuming there are no guarantees that anything shared here will necessarily continue to exist past the initial testing phase? I won't drop too much stuff early on if that is the case.