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Feature Requests

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I there going to be walking?

I can teleport only. I hope there is walking.


View revision notes?

Please consider a way to review the asset revision notes. Thanks


Selfie cam timer

A 3 second countdown when you pull the trigger on the selfie cam would be nice so you can let go and use two hands to pose instead of always having one hand awkwardly grasping something invisible. That and not bringing up the sharing dialog of course.…


Everything is shared?!

Am I missing it or is there no option to NOT SHARE an asset?


“Start a Discussion” button at the top of the screen as well?

When adding a new post, if i’m in a section that has any posts, in order to make a new post i have scroll to the bottom of the screen. This might be easier on the desktop/laptop but but on the phone it take a bit of time. Might be efficient to add a…


User vetting and disclaimers

I think it might be wise to have some sort of disclaimer and/or user age confirmation at the outset of the sign up process. This could be used to drive what the user can and cannot view or download on the site. I guess that might be complex but it woul…


Teleport to positions on set by pressing number/alpha keys

When I set up my shots in Flipside, I find that I jump between placing the camera, then teleporting back to see how my character looks in shot. It would be cool and super time saving, if we could place markers on the set with maybe virtual flags (or s…


Testing if this plops into Feature Requests

When I did my other posts, I thought it said Feature requests as the category but then found them in Announcements. Just testing where this one goes. This one currently says it will post in Feature Requests. here goes..


Anime category for characters

Don't call them cartoons. Lol.