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Flipside Studio 2021.1.2-stable bug fix update

Another bug fix update for you today, this time fixing an issue with our puppeteering system that made characters disappear from cameras.


Flipside Studio 2021.1.1-stable is out!

This is mainly a bug fix release that fixes issues including sitting in chairs, an issue with characters without finger bones, and others, and also includes a few improvements to the Flipside Creator Tools including adjustable elbow bending, the new Te…


Flipside Studio 2021.1 is out today!

Super excited this update is finally here, some of which has been in the works since 2019! Too many new features and improvements to include here, so I'll just say go check out the blog post which also includes lots of gifs: https://www.flipsidexr.co…


Catch the Work From Home Comedy Show this Friday (Jan 29) at 8pm CST

Featuring the best comedians in the world who can afford a WIFI connection. Kick back and enjoy your own personal comedy show from the comfort of your living room. And remember They Can't Lockdown Laughter! Details and tickets by donation here: https…


Minor improvement to the install links

They now open in a new window/tab and have a "Close Window" button. That way you can keep your place on this site if you install a bunch of assets at once :)


Testing file uploads

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