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Minor improvement to the install links

They now open in a new window/tab and have a "Close Window" button. That way you can keep your place on this site if you install a bunch of assets at once :)


Does changing the name of a character break sharing?

I'm assuming they go by the ID number but I thought I would check before cleaning up some of the goofy character and set names.


Please fix the Game

All the polygon figures are gone, all the other characters like Pumpkin Jack, The Tyrant, Robert Kyle as a military, and so on. These are all figures who are no longer there. I can't really use the program anymore, which really makes me very sad all th…


Audio bugs and a In Camera Editing Mode idea. (Bug Report please help)

Dear Flipside team. There's a problem with the Audio After Recording. The following problem, because there is none in camera Editing Mode, Which would be really good by the way, and I'm really very quickly confused by the many camera settings. I Put o…


Does removing a character from the OG personal site break sharing?

I'm getting a lot of dupes on my palette in-game. I'd like to clean up my personal list but want to make sure it won't affect the community site, I assume the bundles are copied over and will be unaffected?


Time on post replies is wrong

I posted this at 10:35 am...


Something wrong with the sorting mechanism?

When sorting by 'most installed' - page 2 Page 3


My characters may have issues

I have been transferring a lot of older characters over to the community site and many of them were made in previous versions of Unity and the usual issue is that transparency turns to solid white. You will see eyes go white and you may see cubes mount…


Update indicator is simply not correct.

I have not touched most of these items. Maybe admins are touching my items? Stranger danger!


Welcome to 2021 everyone.

First of all.... I can make an announcement! Bwahahaha. I'm looking forward to supporting Flipside and it's users through the next year. My fondest wish is that there are so many new and creative individuals from all over the world that it becomes sim…


Selfie cam timer

A 3 second countdown when you pull the trigger on the selfie cam would be nice so you can let go and use two hands to pose instead of always having one hand awkwardly grasping something invisible. That and not bringing up the sharing dialog of course.…


New Assets - finding them

If you think you've seen it all - come back in an hour. When looking through assets make sure you use the sort feature. Sort by 'Recently Updated' to see anything new.


Sharing to workgroup or other individuals

I would strongly recommend a way to restrict sharing certain assets to individuals or establishing a workgroup for sharing. Quite often you just want testing or demonstration sets or characters to be seen by only certain people. The instant sharing cap…


Sky ID numbers

There seems to be a disconnect between the sky numbers (not terribly obvious either) on the community site and the regular site.



C'mon people! Do stuff and share! Discuss! What else have you got to do, sitting at home drinking eggnog in isolation. This is definitely not Mindshow in the old days. There was a really active community then. People were excited. All I hear is cricke…


How do I see a list of other community members?

Would that be a thing I would want to do? Maybe?


Mummy and Bill

I wonder how long it takes to do a two minute skit with conventional animation...


Horror experience work in progress.

This will have to wait for Salsa support and more of a prologue for the story. Brief semi-nudity at the end.


Everything is shared?!

Am I missing it or is there no option to NOT SHARE an asset?


testing dragging image into post from Laptop folder

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