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Flipside Studio 2021.1.2-stable bug fix update

Another bug fix update for you today, this time fixing an issue with our puppeteering system that made characters disappear from cameras.


Ready Player Me to Unity to Flipside

This must be a longer version of the other tutorial, taking you from the creation of a full resolution Ready Player Me avatar to the creation of a Flipside character. This includes conversion of the full fat .glb avatar, not just the low resolution VRC…


Flipside Studio 2021.1.1-stable is out!

This is mainly a bug fix release that fixes issues including sitting in chairs, an issue with characters without finger bones, and others, and also includes a few improvements to the Flipside Creator Tools including adjustable elbow bending, the new Te…


Why is my content disappearing?

I had intended to delete my characters and sets on June 1st because I thought anyone currently using them would lose access to the asset. However, it appears that if you have installed the asset you will still have access to it. That takes a load off …


Ready Player Me Avatar to Flipside Character


Welcome Ellie to the Flipside Community

Please give a warm welcome to Ellie, who will be joining us to help support our community. She will share news and updates and learn more about what our community is doing. If you have a show, an animated short, or a live performance using Flipside St…


Pulling content on June 1

With Flipside's move away from the consumer space ( wishing them success ) I will be removing all of my shared content from this site as of June 1st. It's been a great ride and Flipside is a good product that deserves success but it's apparently not i…


Flipside Studio 2021.1 is out today!

Super excited this update is finally here, some of which has been in the works since 2019! Too many new features and improvements to include here, so I'll just say go check out the blog post which also includes lots of gifs: https://www.flipsidexr.co…


Can't import scripts from Unity

Hello, can anybody help, with scripts? How to set up interactions with location objects? For example opening / closing a door or turning a switch? Flipside components like PropElement do not perform these functions. How works ButtonElement? What comp…


Hand animation

Hello, help me please figure out the hand movements. Is there a special controller with which you can customize your finger movements?


Report a Problem?

If people fill in a problem report regarding a shared asset where does it go?


Catch the Work From Home Comedy Show this Friday (Jan 29) at 8pm CST

Featuring the best comedians in the world who can afford a WIFI connection. Kick back and enjoy your own personal comedy show from the comfort of your living room. And remember They Can't Lockdown Laughter! Details and tickets by donation here: https…


View revision notes?

Please consider a way to review the asset revision notes. Thanks


Embed / share desktop / window

Hi, Is it possible to embed/share my desktop (or some of my windows) inside of the set as a virtual screen?


Minor improvement to the install links

They now open in a new window/tab and have a "Close Window" button. That way you can keep your place on this site if you install a bunch of assets at once :)


Does changing the name of a character break sharing?

I'm assuming they go by the ID number but I thought I would check before cleaning up some of the goofy character and set names.


Please fix the Game

All the polygon figures are gone, all the other characters like Pumpkin Jack, The Tyrant, Robert Kyle as a military, and so on. These are all figures who are no longer there. I can't really use the program anymore, which really makes me very sad all th…


Audio bugs and a In Camera Editing Mode idea. (Bug Report please help)

Dear Flipside team. There's a problem with the Audio After Recording. The following problem, because there is none in camera Editing Mode, Which would be really good by the way, and I'm really very quickly confused by the many camera settings. I Put o…


Does removing a character from the OG personal site break sharing?

I'm getting a lot of dupes on my palette in-game. I'd like to clean up my personal list but want to make sure it won't affect the community site, I assume the bundles are copied over and will be unaffected?


Time on post replies is wrong

I posted this at 10:35 am...

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