This website is meant to provide a place for the community of users of the Flipside suite of motion capture animation software.

Community members include actors, writers, directors, producers, 3D artists, influencers, entertainers, students, teachers, and fans too. We have a diverse user base with a shared interest in storytelling in animation and virtual reality.

What is shared on this site are each user's own creations, thoughts, and ideas and are their property unless they say otherwise. In turn, sharing assets on here implies you are the rights holder for the asset being shared (note: fan art is permitted) and that you give permission to other site members to install your assets for use in Flipside Studio.

We also ask that people don't post nudity, overt violence, hate speech, or otherwise offensive or hurtful content. This is a place everyone should feel safe and supported in, and we reserve the right to take down any content we deem to be counter to that.

The Flipside XR Team